ISOC Nepal Convened 4th Annual General Meeting

ISOC Nepal Convened 4th Annual General Meeting

December 14, 2013

Internet Society Nepal Chapter (ISOC-Nepal) convened its Fourth Annual General Meeting on December 14, 2013 in Kathmandu. The AGM reviewed and approved the Annual Report and Financial Report for the financial year 2012/2013.

Further, the AGM also unanimously elected a new executive committee for 2 years. The newly elected Executive Committee is as follows:

Babu Ram Aryal                                 President

Bikram Shrestha                                 Vice-President

Santosh Sigdel                                    General Secretary

Romkanta Pandey                              Secretary

Amar Rajbhandari                               Treasurer

Bhushan Ratna Bajracharya              Member

Deepak Koirala                                   Member

Kabita Pokharel                                  Member

Nabinda Aryal                                     Member

Ramkrishna Pariyar                            Member

Suraj Adhikari                                     Member

Eswari Sharma                                    IPP

The newly elected executive committee thanked all general members, life members, advisors and supporters of the ISOC Nepal in its first meeting held in its office in Anamnagar. Similarly, the committee also thanked the out-going committee.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Internet Society Nepal (ISOC Nepal) will be held on Saturday 29nd Mangsir 2070 in the following venue and agendas as per the decision made by the Executive Board of ISOC Nepal on 8th Kartik 2070

The venue is Union House, Anamnagar Kathmandu

The Tentative Schedule and Agendas for the Annual General Member is as follows:

Open Session (8am-10:30am)

1. Inauguration Ceremony

Closed Session (11:30am- 4:30pm)

1. Presentation/Passing of the Progress Report (Financial and Institutional)
2. Selection of the Auditor for next year
3. Election of the New Executive Committee

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of ISOC Nepal for their continued support and am hopeful that all the members would show their meaningful participation in directing the ISOC Nepal’s position to its goals and objectives.

The detail of the Schedule & election procedure of AGM would be provided later to all General members.

Bikram Shrestha
General Secretary
Internet Society Nepal
(ISOC Nepal)

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Asia Internet Symposium, Kathmandu 2013

Symposium Details

When: Tuesday 1 October 2013 from 2pm
Where: Yak and Yeti Hotel, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu

International studies that correlate the growth of Internet usage to enhanced productivity and increased national competitiveness are all based on the groundwork that there are appropriate applications and content relevant to the socio economic environment within a country.

Internet is now measured as an optimum medium of local content delivery, providing opportunities for people to interact with each other, expressing ideas, knowledge and culture in their own languages.

Asia Internet Symposium (AIS) Kathmandu will draw from its proceedings to examine how local content in a developing country (Nepal) is created, exchanged and adapted. The event will discuss challenges linked with local content development in a country with 123 languages spoken as mother tongue.

Answers to the following ‘How To’ will be explored to determine the present and future prospects of local content market inside Nepal and similar economies:

• Invest resources in a wide spectrum of local initiatives that create and
transport local content?
• Work with existing content market, host platforms and intermediaries to
exchange and deliver community-oriented content?
• Provide incentives for local content?
• Strengthen the ‘collaboration’ capacities of organisations working with both
‘global’ and ‘local’ content development.

Participants / Invitees

- Public Institutes including Ministry of Information and Communications
- Representatives from Internet and IT industry
- Representatives from Academic and Research Institutes
- Internet Bloggers / Content Supplier
- Civil Society Organizations
- Mass Media


Osama Manzar, Founder, Digital Empowerment Foundation (India)
Venki Nishtala, CTO, (India)
Rajnesh Singh, Regional Director, Asia-Pacific, Internet Society (Singapore)

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Workshop on Computer Related Crime organized

Internet Society Nepal Chapter conducted a training on “Cyber Related Crime under Chapter Nine of Electronic Transaction Act, 2006″ jointly wit hCentral Investigation Bureau and Computer Association of Nepal from 18th March to 19th March 2013 in Kathmandu. Speaking at the Closing Ceremony of the workshop, Director of the Bureau, DIG Kesh Bahadur Shahi cautioned all the security personnel that cyber crime is the most dangerous crime of modern world and need special attention. Referening the program, he added, ” This would be an interesting opportunity to learn how to combat with such situations and would like to thank Internet Society Nepal and Computer Association of Nepal.”

Advocate Babu Ram Aryal, President of Internet Society Nepal and the trainer of the workshop, thanked CIB for the collaboration and offered further cooperation if required as specialized agency on Internet Law and Policy in future as well. He also recalled the implementation situation and stressed on positive actions from the stakeholder to address the situation. Er. Binod Dhakal also thanked CIB for the providing opportunity to serve a good cause.

The workshop run for two days and participated by 24 Officers of Nepal police who are responsible for the filing a case. First Day Superintend of Police Mr. Sunil Shrestha of Nepal police presented a paper on Introduction of Cyber Crime in Nepal whereas Mr. Hridaya Man Shrestha, an ICT Security Expert presented his paper on ” Technical investigation on Cyber Crime”. Advocate Babu Ram Aryal, PResident of ISCO Nepal presented a paper on “Computer Technology Related Crime and Punishment in Nepal”. On second day, Advocate Santosh Sigdel, Vice-President of ISOC Nepal presented a paper on “Internet and Freedom of Expression in Nepal” and Advocate Babu Ram Aryal presented a paper on “Criminal Justice System under Electronic Transaction Act, 2006″.

The workshop was concluded with open discussion with a panel. The panel was comprised of Superintend of Police Nabinda Aryal, Advocate Babu Ram Aryal, Advocate Santosh Sigdel and Hridaya Man Shrestha.

Earlier, opening the workshop, Superintend of Police Iswor Karki wished the success of the workshop and highlighted the Importance of workshop.

The workshop was coordinated by DySP Naresh Bahadur Malla, a life member of ISOC Nepal.

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13th ICT Conference Concluded

Senior government officials including Minister for Science, Technology and Environment Dr. Keshav Man Shrestha, Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal Lilamani Poudel and Secretary of Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Keshav Bhattarai expressed their commitment towards maximizing people’s participation in democratic process through ICT at 13th ICT Conference on “Promoting e-Democracy in Nepal”, jointly organized by Internet Society Nepal and Computer Association of Nepal in Kathmandu. Speaking at inugral session of the conference Minister Shakya said, “The conventional democratic process is being replaced by new technology because people are using new technology and equipment everyday.” He also stressed on importance of data for the success of e-Democracy.

Similarly, speaking as session chair of the session “e-Participation” Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal, Mr. Lilamani Poudel said,” Technology has become inevitable in our all aspect of life and thus necessary in enjoying the democratic rights”. Mr. Keshav Bhattarai, Secretary at Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, speaking as chair of “e-Security of Democratic Channel” said, “We need to have a consolidated meetings for coordination among the government offices. He stressed the importance of private sector in innovation and said, “Private sector is innovative so it should tickle government to implement new things.”

The conference discussed on four tracks viz., Infrastructure for E-Democracy and Emerging Technologies, Security of e-Democracy Channels, E-Participation: Changing platform of Democratic Practice and Freedom of Expression Online: Freedom in Digital Societies and one panel discussion on “Citizen’s Involvement on Democratic Practice through ICT”. Dr. Rohan Samrajiva, Keynote speaker of the conference highlighted the importance of ICT in democratic practice with global experience. Dr. Durgambni Patel, Professior of Pune University, India, Ivan Lim from Asia Journalists, Ahmed Swapan Mahamud from Voice Bangladesh and Mr. Anupam Agrawal, Chair of ISOC India Kolkata Chapter were International Speakers. Mr. Richard Lamb from ICANN discussed on role of IPV6 and DNSSEC for e-democracy.

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१३ औं आइसीटी कन्फरेन्स २०१३

नेपालमा इ–डेमोक्रेसीको प्रवद्र्धनशिर्षकमा इन्टरनेट सोसाइटी नेपालसँग संयुक्त रुपमा आयोजना गर्न लागिएको यस सम्मेलन यहि माघ २६ र २७ गते होटल याक एण्ड यतीमा सम्पन्न हुनेछ ।

सम्मेलन कूल चार सत्रमा छलफल हुनेछन् । पहिलो सत्रमा इ–डेमोक्रेसीकालागि आवश्यक भौतिक संरचना तथा उदीयमान प्रविधि (क्ष्लाचबकतचगअतगचभ ायच भ(म्झयअचबअथ बलम झभचनष्लन तभअजलययिनष्भक) माथि छलफल हुनेछ । यसैगरी दोस्रो सत्रमा इ–डेमोक्रेसी संरचनाको सुरक्षा (क्भअगचष्तथ या भ(म्झयअचबअथ ऋजबललभ)ि र तेस्रो सत्रमा विद्युतीय माध्यमबाट लोकतान्त्रिक प्रक्रियामा सहभागिता अर्थात इ–सहभागिता (भ(एबचतष्अष्उबतष्यल) विषयमा छलफल हुनेछ । सम्मेलनको अन्तिम सत्रमा इन्टरनेट र अभिव्यक्ति स्वतन्त्रताको विषयमा छलफल हुनेछ । यसका अलावा सम्मेलनमा इ पार्लियामेन्ट र नागरीक पत्रकारीता (ऋष्तष्शभल व्यगचलबष्किm) विषयमा प्यानल छलफल हुनेछन् ।

यस सम्मेलनको प्रमुख वक्ता (किनोट स्पीकर) १२ वटा एसियाई मुलुकहरुमा सूचना प्रविधि तथा दूरसंचार क्षेत्रमा थिंक ट्याँकको रुपमा सक्रिया लर्न एसिया ( ीक्ष्च्ल्भ् ब्क्क्ष्ब्) का अध्यक्ष तथा प्रमुख कार्यकारी अधिकृत डा. रोहन समराजीवा रहनेछन् । यसै गरी पुणे विश्वविद्यालय, भारतका प्राध्यापक डा. डिए पटेलले सरकारी कामकाजमा पारदर्शीता, जवाफदेहीता र निष्पक्षताको प्रत्याभूतिमा सूचना प्रविधिको भूमिका शिर्षकमा भन्ने विषयमा कार्यपत्र प्रस्तुत गर्नुहुनेछ । एसीय जर्नलिष्ट एसोसिएसनका अध्यक्ष श्री इभान लिम (ंिसंगापुर) ले डिजिटल सोसाइटीमा अभिव्यक्ति स्वतन्त्रताको विषयमा कार्यपत्र प्रस्तुत गर्नुहुनेछ । यसै गरी भ्वाइस (ख्इक्ष्ऋभ्), बंगलादेशका कार्यकारी अधिकृत श्री अहमद स्वपन महमूदले इन्टरनेट स्वतन्त्रताको आर्थिक पाटो शिर्षकमा आफ्नो प्रस्तुती राख्नुहुनेछ ।

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Third South Asia meeting on Internet and Freedom of Expression held in Dhaka

The third South Asian meeting on Internet and Freedom of Expression concluded in Dhaka. The meeting was held on 14th and 15th January, 2013. The topic of this year was “Surveillance, Security and Hate speech”. Internet Society Nepal was also Co-host of the meeting.

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ISOC Nepal in association with CAN to host ‘Promoting e-Democracy in Nepal”

Internet Society Nepal and Computer Association of Nepal announce joined hands together to host a conference on “Promoting E-Democracy in Nepal”. The conference will be organized in 8-9 February, 2013 at Hotel Yak and Yati in Kathmandu.

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Consultation Meeting on Freedom of Expression on the Internet organized

Internet Society Nepal organized a Consultation Meeting on Freedom of Expression on the Internet in Kathmandu on 14 December 2012. The meeting was organized with the aim of consulting stakeholders before finalization of research conducted by the ISOC Nepal on mapping of Internet and Freedom of Expression in Nepal.

In the meeting Vice President, ISOC Nepal Mr. Santosh Sigdel made a presentation on the draft mapping report. In his presentation he highlighted situation of access to internet in Nepal as well as legal, policy and practical hindrances that pose restrictions on freedom of expression on the internet. He analyzed relevant legal and policy provisions along with particle experiences that Nepal has undergone in recent years. The draft report has recommended different legal and policy reform to bring Nepalese provision in line with international human rights standards as scoped out by the UN Special Rapporteur in his report submitted to the UN General Assembly.

The Consultation meeting was attended by senior government officials, regulatory agency, security agencies, business community representatives that include Director General of Department of IT, Colonel and deputy chief of IT Department of Nepal Army, Spokesperson of Nepal Telecom Authority, Deputy Superintendent of Nepal Police, President of ISP Association of Nepal, IT Head of State Owned Telecom and largest ISP of Nepal, media activists and head of other ICT organizations.

Participants in the program agreed that Nepal has adopted technological advances promptly but lag behind in adopting necessary laws and policies. This inconsistency has affected rights of the citizens, including some fundamental rights, according to them. According to participants there is an immediate need to enact data protection and privacy law, amend existing Electronic Transaction Act, Defamation and other relevant provisions. Similarly, participants also highlighted the need to aware citizenry about the use of safe and diligent internet use on the background of rising rate of cyber crime, especially rampant in social media.

The consultative meeting proved very important for the finalization of the research report, according to the President of the Internet Society Nepal, Mr. Babu Ram Aryal. ISOC Nepal has planned to public final research report by the end of January 2013.

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Radio Program “Internet Freedom” and “Internet Freedom” Web portal launched

By Shreedeep Rayamajhi

23 November

Former Chief Information Commissioner of National Information Commission Mr. Vinay Kumar Kasazoo officially launched Radio Program Internet Freedom” and web portal, The web portal is a resource center regarding internet resources which can be accessed in Nepali as well as English where as the radio program runs simultaneously in 11 different FMs across the nation. Radio program also could be listened from the web portal.

The Radio program and web portal is Internet Society Nepal initiative under INTERNET & FREEDOM EXPRESSION (Defending and strengthening Freedom of Expression on the Internet in South Asia-Second Phase) project. This project is implemented by Global Partners and Associates, UK where ISOC NEPAL is an implementing it here in Nepal and supported by Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK. The main aim of the project is to Strengthen freedom of expression on the Internet in South Asia, with Focus on India, Bangladesh and Nepal

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